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Syans Latè (Earth Science)
 Author: Tim Clifford and Féquière Vilsaint  Category:  Publisher: Educa Vision Inc.  : 01 Jun, 2017  ISBN: 9781626324664  Pages: 65  Language: Haitian Creole  Dimension: 8.5 in X 11 in
Syans Latè (Earth Science) is part of the Ansiklopedi Syans Ak Educa Vision (Science Encyclopedia In Haitian Creole) . It contains stunning illustrations, photos, tables, graphs and accessible text with fun facts, key information, glossary and index.   It covers key curriculum topics such as: Ki sa lavi ye? (What Is Life?) Kò moun: Ògàn ak sistèm. (The Human Body: Organs and Systems.) Kòman kò moun fonksyone. (How The Body Works?) Jenetik. (Genetics) Sik Lavi. (The Life Circle) Sante ak maladi. (Health and Illness.) Moun ki etidye kò moun. (People Who Study the Human Body.)   Titles in the collection   Volim 1. Lavi Moun (Human Life) Volim 2. Lavi Animal (Animal Life) Volim 3. Lavi Plant (Plant Life) Volim 4. Syans Latè (Earth Science) Volim 5. Chimi (Chemistry) Volim 6. Fizik (Physics) Volim 7. Astwonomi Ak Lespas (Astronomy And Space) Volim 8. Matematik (Mathematics) Volim 9. Teknoloji (Technology) Volim 10 Endèks (Cumulative Index and Glossary)